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Vivobarefoot’s New Shoe Uses Artificial Intelligence

Smart technology firm Sensoria unveiled a collaboration with Vivobarefoot to create a pressure sensing running shoe for natural running. The tech company demonstrated the Vivobarefoot shoe at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

The shoe’s key component is the new Sensoria Development Kit, two in-shoe removable devices that connects to four pressure sensors at the plantar area of each shoe to help detect forces like impact score, foot landing and contact time metrics.

Using this information, runners can create a natural running transition training plan based on artificial intelligence technology that delivers real-time audio and visual information via the new Sensoria Run 2.0 app.

Targeting coaches, everyday runners and athletes, Vivobarefoot CEO Galahad Clark said the company hopes to use the hi-tech shoe to promote “the transition back to strong feet and pain free movement.” He added, “Through our partnership with Sensoria, we are now able to provide real time transition advice to our customers and the visual proof of the incredible sensory feedback loop between your feet and your brain.”

The new product will be available to consumers later in 2017.