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Is Shoe Shining a Lost Art?

Are men wearing distressed shoes for fashion, or is the trend the result of poor shoe shining skills?

A new study by grooming products brand, Wahl, revealed that just 48 percent of millennial males know how to shine their shoes. In comparison, 86 percent of male baby boomers surveyed said they’re shoe shining skills are up to par.

For the study, Wahl identified nine skills that have long been identified as essential for men and asked 1,000 men nationwide to weigh in on their ability to perform them.

Baby boomers had the edge in most of the skills, outpacing millennials in seven of the nine categories. Shoe shining had the widest education gap with boomers 38 percentage points ahead of millennials.

The skills that millennial men knew best included maintaining a beard, changing a car’s oil and changing a baby’s diaper.