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“Shoe Surgeon” Dominic Chambrone Returns to Brooklyn for Sole Swap Pop-Up

Sneaker artist Dominic Chambrone, known as the “Shoe Surgeon,” will be in Williamsburg this weekend with a new pop-up shop offering fans custom, one-of-a-kind kicks.

The Sole Swap Pop-Up shop will run for three days from July 29-31 at 224 Roebling St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Customers will be able to purchase a limited number of ‘sole swaps’, in which they can choose from a menu of sneaker components to create custom sneakers. Chambrone and his associates will be in the house assembling fan orders all weekend.

Additionally, all shoes built or sold at the pop-up shop will feature smart tags from Chronicled, a San Francisco-based technology company that is using the Ethereum blockchain to develop a platform for authenticity and provable ownership of sneakers and other consumer goods. Users will be able to interact with the Bluetooth-enabled tags to view each sneaker’s secure profile, and if they purchase shoes, to claim them into their collection. Chronicled users can also share their sneakers on social media and unlock special ‘filters’ as they acquire new shoes and combinations of shoes.

“The Shoe Surgeon is about creativity, innovation and always being on the lookout for the next thing, that next level, whether it be materials or technology,” said Chambrone. “The Chronicled technology allows us to protect our work from counterfeiting, to protect our customers’ purchases and to engage more directly with them and the broader world.”

Looking beyond the weekend’s pop-up event, Chambrone says he plans to include Chronicled smart tags in every pair of Shoe Surgeon shoes.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with the Shoe Surgeon and adding to the amazing work that he does,” said Chronicled CEO Ryan Orr. “Authenticity and forging a unique identity are increasingly important for young consumers. Dominic has been a key innovator in the community and we are glad to be able to help him continue to push the boundaries.”