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These Shoes Are Made of 24-Carat Gold

Italian artisan Antonio Vietri might make some of the most expensive shoes in the world, retailing for upwards of $32,000.

In an interview with the AFP, Vietri explained how he makes gold-stitched shoes for men and women.

“These are the first shoes in the world in 24-carat gold,” Vietri told AFP. “The particularity of these shoes is that gold is not simply applied, it is not like an accessory or a button. Gold is an integral part of the shoe.”

Vietri’s shoes are made with 230 grams of gold. Using the right amount of gold, as well as a 3-D foot scanner for fit, are crucial to the design and comfort of the shoe.

“The difficulty was in finding the right balance between the strength of the gold and the flexibility of the shoe,” he said. If the shoe weighs too little, the gold will bend, but if the shoe is too heavy it will hurt the wearer.

Women’s styles retail for approximately $27,000. The men’s moccasins, with small strips of gold handwoven and sewn with leather, retail for $32,000. The price also includes the shoes’ delivery by helicopter and the a black lacquered shoebox.

If the 24-carat gold shoes are out of your price range, not to worry, Vietri also offers a traditional line of footwear starting around $270.