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Sensoria Makes Running Shoes That Talk to You While You Run

Sensoria, a developer of smart garments and wearables producing everything from smart sports bras to smart anklets, debuts its SmartShoes for Runners, a unisex digital running SmartShoe that talks to and guides the wearer to optimize running potential, and avoid running-related injuries.

While big-named athletic brands have a number of wearables on the market, like smart watch for runners, Sensoria aims for the feet. A real-time virtual coach gives audible feedback while the wearer runs.

The actual smart device placed in the running shoe is called the SensoriaCore, and is a small insert that fits into the back panel of the Sensoria running shoe. The SensoriaCore, around the size of a quarter, then measures the runner’s pace, cadence and impact in real time giving feedback via a mobile app on the runner’s phone.

The real-time coach then gives feedback on the runner’s technique, calories, distance, heart rate and more.

“While products like FitBit count your steps, the most important part of your body during a run are your legs and your feet. You’ll get valuable and accurate biometrics to help you improve with each consecutive run,” states Sensoria CEO and Co-Founder Davide Vigano.

The shoe comes in yellow, black, red and blue and sells for $199. The device has a long lifespan, and can be transferred to new Sensoria running shoes once the shoe gets rundown. Shoes will be delivered to shoppers on Feb. 1 of next year.