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In the Showroom: Shellys London

Satin, velvet and pink dalmatian co-mingle in Shellys London’s collection for Fall ’17.

The adventurous British brand tapped into its creative well, combining Spice Girl-like platforms, sneakers and oxfords with flashy patents, elegant brocades and hints of Western motifs.

For fall, Shellys is updating a collection of man-tailored styles with lightweight platform bottoms. The brand adds bulkier soles and rounder toes to its popular range of combat boots and it is banking on satin to overtake the flood of velvet in the market.

Best-selling styles include a blue floral brocade boot, metallic burgundy oxfords and a classic patent black boot with large grommets as eyelets. The brand is also doing well with oversized zipper rings, leopard print oxfords and turquoise gems.