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Shuzz Fund Reaches 100,000 Shoes Donated

The Shuzz Fund, a non-profit organization that provides shoes to children in poverty-stricken areas, announced that it had reached 100,000 shoes donated in its lifetime.

Founded six years ago by Rita Lombardo, Shuzz Fund not only donates shoes, but also provides lower extremity medical procedures for children throughout the United States and in developing countries.

The organization reports that 50 percent of the world’s population is without proper footwear, with 300 million of those people being children. Wearing shoes that fit properly prevents more than 37 diseases and 20 foot disorders.

“Rita Lombardo founded Shuzz in the summer of 2011 with one simple goal in mind: to make children’s lives better by providing an often overlooked necessity to many people in thriving communities. Since the organization’s inception, Rita has lead Shuzz to donate thousands of shoes across the United States, Haiti, Japan, Guatemala, Guyana, Nepal, the Bahamas, Belize and Jamaica,” said Casey Antonelli, Shuzz board member.