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Skechers to Expand Israel Business in Joint Venture

Skechers has signed a new partnership which will help to expand Skechers footprint in Israel.

Joining forces with Skechers’ regional distributor MGS Sport Trading Ltd., the joint venture, dubbed Skechers Footwear, Ltd., will aggressively expand the Skechers brand in Israel.

“As our distribution partner for 15 years, MGS Sport Trading has played a key role in our brand’s development throughout this region,” said Michael Greenberg, Skechers president. “Over the years, they’ve built strong relationships with a network of accounts and have established our brand in the market. It’s a great time to take our business to the next level and discover the full scope of our brand’s potential.”

Israel’s Skechers retail network will be run as joint venture stores, and currently includes six destinations, including locations in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The company reports that existing partnerships, including ones in India, China and Hong Kong, have proven fruitful, with sales from joint venture operations up roughly 80 percent in the first half of 2016.

“International footwear brands are more popular than ever in Israel—in particular, stylish comfort footwear is in high demand—and we have a wonderful opportunity to boost Skechers’ presence,” said Adi Moliov, Skechers Footwear Ltd. general manager. “With Skechers’ increased investment in this region, solid infrastructure and extensive product offering for every age and activity, we can make a larger-than-ever impact. We’re thrilled to offer Israeli consumers a new generation of styles, retail destinations and campaigns showcasing their many brands.”