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Softstar Shoes Releases the Primal

Softstar Shoes, a minimalist footwear brand, has just introduced the Primal, the latest addition to its RunAmoc collection.

The Primal’s versatile design goes from mountain hikes to city treks without sacrificing comfort or strength. And with its anatomically correct flexible, zero-drop Vibram sole, shaped to accommodate how feet naturally spread as a person moves, the Primal helps maintain or restore natural foot function.

“This shoe is revolutionary in the healthy footwear market because of its sole shape,” says Softstar CEO Tricia Salcido. “There is a growing movement of people ‘re-wilding’ their feet—spending more time barefoot and correcting years of debilitating and deformative effects of ill-fitting footwear. The Primal is a direct response to their feedback requesting the ultimate in natural footbed design.”

The extra roomy toe box is a perfect complement to the footbed, giving toes the freedom to spread as the wearer walks, and the soft leather upper body lets feet move with the ease of a barefoot stroll.

In keeping with the 32-year-old Oregon-based shoemaker’s mission to promote sustainable manufacturing practices, the rubber toe cap is made from upcycled bicycle tire innertubes from local tire stores, like the Corvallis Bicycle Collective, in its area.

Like all Softstar Shoes footwear, the Primal is handmade and hand stitched in the company’s Oregon workshop.