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Statement Sneakers Among Women’s Top Style Searches on Pinterest

What do women want? According to their Pinterest searches, style-savvy women are interested in of-the-moment styles from bike shorts and bamboo handbags to snakeskin and statement sneakers.

At the close of every year, the Pinterest 100 takes a deep dive into the searches that spiked, indicating trends that very well could trickle down to retail in the coming year.

Based on the numbers, here are the styles and trends capturing the interest of female shoppers:

1. Statement sneakers

Statement sneakers were everywhere in 2019 and given athleisure’s staying power and the casualization of the workplace, don’t expect this trend to disappear anytime soon. Searches for eye-catching, comfortable footwear rose 2,211 percent throughout 2018, Pinterest said.

2. African fashion

Black Panther deserves much of the credit for the 229 percent spike in searches for all things related to African fashion, from the classic kente cloth to vibrant wax prints and tribal patterns.

3. Robes

First there were pajamas, now it’s all about the robe. Consumers’ love of comfort could be part of why searches for robe silhouettes and similar wrap-style garments were up 689 percent. Justin Bieber’s said to be designing a slipper—which would make the cozy trifecta complete.

4. Bike shorts

From the runway to the streets, bike shorts were everywhere in 2018—with no cycling in sight. Searches for the figure-hugging style exploded by 1,323 percent on Pinterest.

5. Ruching

The frillier, the better—ruching returned to dominate women’s fashion, driving searches up 108 percent.

6. Sustainable Fashion

Women want to look good without causing social and environmental harm. Pinterest said searches for sustainable fashion, including rental fashion and recycled apparel, rose 34 percent from the prior year.

7. Tortoiseshell

Tortoiseshell earrings are the must-have accessory for many Pinterest users. Searches for the trendy jewelry climbed 670 percent.

8. Mod eyewear

It’s all in the eyewear: mod-ish oval sunglasses drove a 591 spike in searches as women sought out the style on Pinterest.

9. Bamboo bags

Who can forget the enduring It bag of the past couple years? The bamboo bag, popularized by brands like Cult Gaia, dominated searches on Pinterest, which said inquiries for the style were a whopping 2,215 percent higher year on year.

10. Snakeskin

Out with the leopard, and in with the snake: there’s a new animal print in town. Women sought out snakeskin fashion on Pinterest, which said that searches for the style were up 642 percent.