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Insole Brand Superfeet Debuts Lifestyle Footwear

Insole manufacturer Superfeet continues to dabble in footwear.

The company, which introduced flip-flops with built-in support last spring, is rolling out a casual lifestyle range for Spring ’17. The new line spans flip-flops to street-friendly athletic silhouettes, and will retail for $60-$140.

Shoes are built with what Superfeet calls “Lock-and-Key” construction—the insole is built into the shoe and won’t slide around nor will the insole wear done quickly after use. The remainder of the shoe is designed around the insole with leather and breathable mesh uppers, and tread and flex grooves on the outsoles to support the wearer’s stride.

“We started with what we know best, the insole,” said Eric Hayes, Superfeet vice president of marketing and product. “The least important thing to our competitors is the most important thing to us. Building the shoe from the inside out dramatically changes its fit and performance,” he added.