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SAC Widens Access to Higg Index

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) has announced that it will be opening the use of the Higg Index to non-member small and medium-sized (SME) brands and retailers.

As of last week, SME companies may take advantage of a special license for full access to the Higg Index through the SAC’s website, which includes the Coalition’s suite of tools that provides a common approach for measuring and evaluating supply chain impacts.

The SAC—which includes members like Nike and Adidas—provides universal industry standard assessments of a company’s environmental and labor sustainability performance, while helping to connect supply chain and industry peers.

By increasing the number of small and medium-sized companies participating in the Higg Index, the organization hopes to bolster reporting and impact from a wider spectrum of the supply chain, increasing overall insight and value.

“Bringing small and medium-sized enterprises together with our existing users on a single platform to increase inclusion and access to the Higg Index is absolutely critical to establishing a common, global approach to measurement, and a necessary step towards our 2020 commitment of full industry transparency,” said SAC CEO Jason Kibbey.