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Tamara Mellon Files Law Suit Against Jimmy Choo

Tamara Mellon, co-founder of Jimmy Choo, filed a suit Thursday against Jimmy Choo, hours before the distinguished footwear company celebrated its 20th anniversary and New York Fashion Week, according to Thursday’s Bloomberg news report.

Mellon founded the acclaimed shoe brand in the 1990s with designer Jimmy Choo, and left in 2011 with plans of starting her own line.

The case filed by Mellon in New York state court claims that Jimmy Choo launched a campaign to punish Mellon for her new, post-Choo venture.

According to the law suit filed by Melon, she adhered to the Jimmy Choo’s year-long non-compete clause after leaving, and after the allotted time, she faced no other restrictions. She went even further by stating that Jimmy Choo senior management did not discourage her from starting her new line.

Mellon claims that Jimmy Choo then met with manufacturers and threatened to pull Jimmy Choo business if the shoemakers worked with Mellon. Mellon cites the shoemakers’ fear of losing Jimmy Choo’s business as a reason behind them refusing to manufacture products for Mellon’s new company.

According to Mellon, without the ability to use these manufacturers, Tamara Mellon Brand LLC was forced to file for bankruptcy in December, causing her to lose millions of dollars.

Jimmy Choo has yet to publicly respond.