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The FDRA Launches New ‘Shoeconomy’ Website

The Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America (FDRA) debuts a new website dedicated to showing the economics of the U.S. footwear industry.

The website delves deep into footwear jobs, retail, product and import data to give those in and outside of the footwear world a greater look at the industry as a whole. Numbers of total employment, U.S. sales, duties paid, pairs made in the U.S. and pairs imported are touted on the left-hand side of the website for users to peruse.

The FDRA plans to use the website as a resource to better help the footwear world, with an interactive map, allowing users to filter options to find headquarters, factories, retail outlets, warehouses and regional offices of various companies within the U.S.

A user can filter options to see headquarters of footwear companies in the U.S., and scroll over various red buildings acting as locators for the different headquarters. Once the user clicks on the spot on the map, the name, address and type of company appears.