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The Look: Material Girls

Shopping for shoes online might be a fun way to spend a Friday, err, Tuesday night, but a new season of richly textured dress shoes are poised to beckon women to visit brick-and-mortars.

Brands exhibiting at GDS played with kicks of color and pattern for Spring ’16. Single sole pumps, stiletto shoeties, booties and high heel ghillies are the canvas. In some instances, each part of the shoe—toe box, shank, heel—is its own separate work of art. Even dainty straps give way to 3D molded uppers that snake around the foot.


Animal-inspired spots, stripes, florals and snake prints are layered with printed lace and graphic Chevron patterns. A smattering of clear sequins adds a mermaid-like shine to leopard print, meanwhile brocade and heavy embroidery makes an unexpected appearance for spring in festive colorways.

Product images won’t do these styles justice. They are shoes that need to be touched and tried on, sole to soul, to be properly swooned for.