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The Look: Sunny Side Up

Along with the clump, clump of clogs and a heap of fringe, the ’70s trend brings with it warm tones of tan, yellow, orange and red——a joyful combination of colors that will chase away the winter blues when Spring ’16 collections begin to land in stores.

As Aztec prints, which dominated the women’s market for several spring and fall seasons, begin to taper off and live primarily in the junior’s and festival footwear categories, women’s footwear designers are turning to earthy, artisanal details to spice up their collections. Intricate hand-beading, natural stones, printed snakeskin and decorative embroidery play an important role here. Think treasures found in faraway markets.

For the bold and brazen unafraid of color, look for simple pops of red, orange and yellow. Together, the colors can turn any frown upside down. Meanwhile, whimsical sun and surf appliqués adds instant feel-good vibes to fashion.

In other words, these shoes are a summer vacation for your feet.