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The Look: Sports Authority

The demand for athleisure style has lingered over apparel for a number of seasons, dictating trends from denim to swim. However, in footwear, overtly sporty elements like mesh, neoprene and sneaker lacing take a more dominant role.

Rain boots get into the game with non-functional shoelaces used as embellishment, while high heels are laced up the front and back. Fine mesh reveals a hint of skin on dressier silhouettes. Wide mesh, often in punchy colors, delivers a basketball vibe to slip-on sneakers and ballet flats. Paired with rubber materials, these mesh and perforated details add a hi-tech look to simple silhouettes.

Pulled from the surf scene, neoprene adds a blast of color on uppers in both sandal and dress categories, like the Vogue slingback above. Thick white outsoles are a nod to old-school Normcore sneakers. In sandals, vulcanized rubber outsoles bring a bold street vibe.

Traditional sneaker silhouettes are still a must. Refreshed with luxurious leather and exotic uppers, hardware, and in some cases, pointed toes, the slip-on sneaker becomes a cool alternative to loafers. Hi-tops are trimmed down and simplified with clean white, or soothing hues of tan, cream and soft gold.