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Nike Is America’s Most Wanted Sneaker Brand

With the upswing in athleisure and a trend towards positive health, the athletic shoe market now appeals to those beyond sneakerheads.

Statista, a leading online statistic company, conducted a study which asked the question “From which of these brands have you purchased sports shoes in the last two years?” referring to active wear and lifestyle brands.

The study found that Nike reigns over Adidas with 47.3% of those surveyed preferring the swoosh brand. A not-so-close second place Adidas rounded up 23.8% of buyers, and New Balance came in a close third with 22.6%.

Infographic: America's Most Wanted Sneaker Brands | Statista

With Nike’s futuristic designs and technologies, it comes as no surprise that Americans choose the brand. Who doesn’t want to go back to the future?