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Think Tank Says These 10 Things Are What Trump Can do to Make US Manufacturing Work

Donald Trump’s “America first” mentality when it comes to manufacturing may seem like a pipe dream to some, but one think tank says the president is serious about making in America and if he does certain things right, some of his policies could prove successful.

The problem, however, according to a report by the Information Technology and Innovation Fund (ITIF) is that conventional economists and Washington have misunderstood the demise of U.S. manufacturing and therefore their criticism of Trump’s trade moves has been “supercilious” and their thinking “tired” and “laissez-faire.”

“It’s unfortunate that the Washington establishment has either dismissed the idea [of reviving U.S. manufacturing] out of hand or relied predominantly on generic ideas like tax reform and infrastructure spending,” said ITIF president Robert D. Atkinson, lead author of the report.

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