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This Shoe is Customizable in More Than 7 Million Ways

There is a saying that if the shoe fits, wear it—and this startup is enabling consumers to rock their kicks in 7,429,968 different ways.

Miix Footwear, a Toronto-based startup created a shoe it says can transform into more than seven million different types of sneakers. Consumers can customize the shoe according to their footwear design and color preferences.

Miix’s customizable concept begins with three base model sneakers and seven interchangeable parts. Each part comes in different colors, allowing consumers to mix and match them to make various shoe styles. Customers can swap out sneaker tongues, which snap into place. Miix also offers two parts—one for the base of the shoe and one that inserts into the shoe—which let consumers change the shoe from low to high top sneakers.

On Miix’s website, consumers can submit their email addresses to receive updates on new and limited edition releases of the shoe, first line access to new bases, straps, tongues and other accessories, monthly discount codes and a friends referral rewards program.
The brand’s advanced concept comes on the heels of other customization innovations, as consumers demand more of a say in the apparel and footwear design processes.

At its New York City flagship, Nike tested 90-minute customization that merged digital design and traditional shoe-making for consumers. Reebok ramped up its customization offering with its YourReebok Customization shop in Boston that allowed consumers to customize their sneakers on-site. Brooks also introduced what it said was its “most personalized” running shoe made, allowing consumers to leverage FitStation data to personalize midsoles for the optimal workout.

According to Miix’s Facebook page, pre-orders for the shoe will launch on March 30.