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Toddler’s Payless Shoes Accused of “Lighting-Up” Car Fire

A pair of Payless shoes are being cited as a possible cause of a car fire in Houston, Texas.

West Houston parents Attila and Jovan Viras describe a “baffling car fire” which they say burned a hole through the floor of their SUV and melted the plastic on the passengers-side seat.

“As soon as we opened the door you could smell the burning plastic,” the pair told local news station WLNS 6.

When the town fire marshal came to take a look at the aftermath, he found “nothing in [the car] to start a fire,” except a pair of “Jake and the Neverland Pirates”-themed light-up shoes purchased from Payless. The shoes were so badly burned half the sneaker was melted off.

Although the fire marshal has not officially ruled on the cause of the fire, it appears as though the culprit could be the lithium batteries that power the flashing lights, which may have short-circuited to spark the fire.

The parents said they plan to reach out to Payless, where they bought the shoes for $25 last week.