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Columbia Sportswear Gets New Toughness Directors

Columbia Sportswear announced Wednesday the appointment of Faith Briggs and Mark Chase as the brand’s newest directors of toughness. The pair will test the brand’s top-notch gear through all types of rough conditions over the next nine months.

Combing through more than 4,000 applicants for the trying job across the US, Canada and the UK, those interested in the job went through rigorous activities and extreme sports to snag their position as the final candidates. Columbia tried the Directors of Toughness mentally as well as physically, in New York, Canada, Portland and Scotland.

“The Directors of Toughness are integral employees at Columbia and help showcase the lengths that many of our employees go to in order to test our gear,” said Richelle Luther, Columbia Sportswear senior vice president and chief human resources officer. “After interviewing so many inspiring candidates throughout the recruitment phase, we’re excited to introduce Faith and Mark and send them on their first adventure in just a few short days.”

Briggs worked as a documentary film maker in Brooklyn prior to her new role, while Chase gets the title of the first international director of toughness, and joins Columbia from Gloucester, England. As a former semi-professional rugby player-turned director of toughness, Chase also spends his time climbing, skiing and hiking.

Briggs and Chase will test Columbia’s gear to ensure warm, dry, cool and overall protection against weather and circumstance. The two will be documenting their efforts on Columbia’s website and social media outlets.