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TucciPolo Delves into Handmade Luxury Shoes for Larger Sizes

The size of your foot should not inhibit style. That’s the driving force behind TucciPolo, the maker of luxury footwear for larger sizes which announced Wednesday a new venture into handmade, made-to-order luxury shoes for men and women.

“NBA players, celebrities and many other men and women simply find themselves unable to walk into a typical store to buy Italian leather shoes off the rack,” said Tochukwu Mbiamnozie, TucciPolo founder. “This can be very frustrating for people with larger feet who want to enjoy the same high quality and style the smaller-footed population has access to.”

Artisans handcraft the shoes with Italian leather, ensuring quality, and therefore taking time up to 15 days to make it to the customer. Men’s styles include the classic lace-up oxford in an array of colored leather, while women’s range from wedges to booties.

“Italian leather handmade shoes are a delight that everyone should be able to enjoy,” said Mbiamnozie. “We take pride in helping our customers, regardless the shoe size they wear, step out in style.”

The brand offers more than shoes, extending into leather bags, wallets and belts. The handcrafted shoes start at $259 for women, $445 for men, and are available online.