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Ugg x Preen Debuts Unexpected Look

Ugg made a surprise appearance at London Fashion Week, stomping the runway in a new collaboration with Preen for the fashion house’s Spring ’17 show.

The Ugg x Preen collaboration was featured throughout the Preen runway on Sunday. Neither of the two sandal styles are particularly reminiscent of Ugg’s quintessential shearling boot, rather, they are monochromatic slip-on sandals with oversized bows and Ugg’s Treadlite soles.

The two models include the Raven Bow, a slip-on sandal with braided detailing and oversized bow on the upper in both black and white, and the Moon Bow, a platform sandal with adjustable strap and oversized bow.


“The shoes are part of ‘Tokyo Pastel Goths’ and in part the seamless gloss of Jeff Koons manipulations of balloon and bow Art. We worked with Uggto develop runway shoes that are effortless and edgy, cute and tough, it’s all about the attitude,” said Preen creative duo Justin Thorton and Thea Bregazzi.

Continuing to develop their fashion edge, this is a second recent collaboration by Ugg, a division of Deckers Brands, following with their Ugg x Teva collection, which also features a quirky and unexpected pairing of the two Deckers labels.

“I know many people will be surprised by this collaboration but we have wanted to work with Preen for some time as we saw a great fit with our core design values. Much like us they have always done their own thing, regardless of trend and they continue to re-invent the idea of femininity. The product delivers a different fashion edge for us,” said Andrea O’Donnell, Deckers Brands president of fashion lifestyle.