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UK Men Are Buying More Shoes Than Women

UK men outspend women in the shoe department according to a Mintel report obtained by the Telegraph.

According to the Telegraph, the report showed that more than 12 percent of UK men, or roughly 1 in 10, bought more than three pairs of shoes in the past year alone.

The findings also show that men purchase more clothes than women, and that young men were more likely than young women to have bought footwear in the last quarter, 47 percent of males 16-24 years old, compared to 45 percent of females 16-24 years old.

Meanwhile, the UK’s men’s clothing market doubled compared to the women’s last year.

According to the Telegraph, industry analysts acknowledged the increase of popularity in sneakers and more trend-focused styles as factors driving men’s footwear sales.

“While men overall buy fewer different types of shoes than women, men aged under-45 have become more experimental with their shoe choices,” Tamara Sender, senior fashion analyst at Mintel, told the Telegraph.

The research also showed that men 25-44 years old are more likely than women of the same age bracket to update their shoe collection due to a fashion trend.

Meanwhile, men aged 25-34 drive footwear purchases and are likely to have purchased three or more types off shoes in the last year.