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UL Opens First Vietnam Product Safety Test Facility

Safety consulting company UL has opened its first consumer product testing facility in Vietnam. UL’s new testing laboratory is located in Ho Chi Minh City and has been designed to test various performance related requirements in textiles, footwear, accessories and jewelry.

Through a formal partnership with Quatest III, one of Vietnam’s leading factories, UL hopes to work together with local Vietnamese and multinational manufacturers who look to expand further into the global supply chain.

“We have seen an increased need in global consumer testing services and strategically, we want to be where our clients need us to be,” said UL President of Consumer Business Sajeev Jesudas. “Vietnam is an essential country to be in as we expand our footprint for consumer testing services in the ASEAN region.”

UL’s new laboratory spans over 1,300 square meters and its opening follows the recent acquisition of Consumer Testing Laboratories by UL to further expand their influence in consumer testing services.