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Vans Sparks Latest Internet Color Debate

What color are these shoes? Are they teal and gray or pink and white?

These are the questions that have the internet in a frenzy since last Tuesday, when a woman posted a picture of a pair of retro Vans on Twitter and asked the simple question, “What color is this?”

Most people saw teal and gray (a Buzzfeed poll concluded that more than 85 percent of people surveyed saw teal and gray). Some were positive they were seeing pink and white. Still, there were a few who said they saw teal and gray at first glance, then the color changed to pink and white.

Several theories have been offered to explain the phenomenon. But the consensus all points to poor lighting, with the people viewing the image compensating for the bad illumination by filling in lighting assumptions based on personal perceptions.

Alas, the verdict is in. According to the Vans website, the shoes are actually pink and white.

vans screen shotA similar debate erupted in 2015 when #TheDress was posted on the Internet and the universe stood divined on whether the frock they were staring at for hours was white and gold or black and blue.