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Vivobarefoot Uses Algae to Make Footwear

Vivobarefoot’s new shoes are designed to give back to the environment.

The London-based footwear brand announced Tuesday a new partnership with performance-based materials manufacturer Bloom. The Vivobarefoot x Bloom collaboration will start using Bloom’s algae-EVA foams in Vivobarefoot’s Ultra shoes.

Bloom uses algae biomass harvested from freshwater sources to improve the technical performance of EVA foams and to offset the use of petroleum ingredients found in conventional foams. The company says a single pair of men’s size 42 Vivobarefoot x Bloom shoes returns 57 gallons of clean water to habitat and reduces 40 balloons worth of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, per pair.

“This is a true revolution for the footwear industry with the first plant based alternative to the petro-foams in ubiquitous use,” said Galahad Clark, Vivobarefoot founder and MD. “We are thrilled to be the first company to use Bloom in our shoes and further our mission to make the perfect shoe… perfect for feet and minimal impact on the planet.”

The Ultra shoes will be available for purchase July 2017.