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Footwear Brands Playing April Fools for a Good Cause

Footwear brands are making their best effort to fool consumers on April Fools’ Day. While brands last year rolled out gag products like the “selfie shoe“, this year one company is going for a far more shocking approach.

Inspired by the old fitness adage, “no pain, no gain”, the JOLT by Soft Star Shoes gives runners the motivation to stay active though one of the most compelling forms of motivation: visceral fear. This revolutionary shoe harnesses the time-tested benefits of electrotherapy to dramatically transform your fitness routine, providing an electric shock each time the wearer stops moving. Now there’s no excuse not to go to the gym – or leave, ever!

Listed for $180 on Soft Star’s website, the JOLT is not actually for purchase, but while the shoes may be a joke, the good cause they’re helping is very real. For every page view the JOLT shoes gets, Soft Star promises to donate 10 cents up to $1000 to help the wellness nonprofit Healthy Child, Healthy World.