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Wolverine Worldwide Product Developer Jose Kaminski on Speeding Up Production

The footwear industry’s need for speed affects every part of the supply chain. Wolverine Worldwide Product Developer Jose Kaminski discussed the future of footwear manufacturing at the FDRA’s Footwear Production and Trade Summit in China.

“The consumer is dictating speed, they want everything faster. In the past we’d spend an enormous amount of time on decision making on the front end of the developmental process, which is the design,” said Kaminski. “So if you have a tool that enables you to see the final product before making it you can make decisions faster. And you can also introduce the product to sales teams and marketing and then get the reaction from them as well.”

This means that brands and companies will be able to get feedback from their sales teams prior to manufacturing the products, giving the shoe a better chance of success in the market.

Kaminski also discussed the importance of social media. He suggested that brands upload a 3-D model to social media for consumer feedback to see if the design is on the right track.

However, Kaminski noted that one day the consumer may just make their own shoes. “I think in the future every household will have a 3-D printer,” he said. “I think that even in the footwear industry we’re going to be able to make our own footwear at home. The designers are going to design you’re going to tweak customize and print in your place.”

View the full FDRA interview below.

Going Digital! Footwear Development Insights with Wolverine Worldwide’s Jose Kaminski from FDRA on Vimeo.