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Zappos to Cut Carbon Emissions Through Corporate Air Travel

Online footwear retailer Zappos is promising to cut its carbon emissions through a new carbon offsetting program.

The company has partnered with Natural Capital Partners, formerly The CarbonNeutral Company, to sponsor forestry projects in North and South America. Zappos claims the program will mitigate more than 6.8 million miles of company air travel in 2016 and beyond through a carbon offset purchase program.

“Face-to-face meetings, conferences and retail trade shows are essential to Zappos’ business. We want employees to keep traveling, but we also want to take responsibility for our carbon footprint,” said Mark Spencer, Zappos head of travel.

The corporate travel carbon offset program is Zappos’ first large purchase of carbon offsets. The program supports three forestry projects including reforestation and avoided deforestation, protecting important carbon sinks as well as key areas of biodiversity in Mississippi, Chile and Brazil.

“We are seeing more and more businesses wanting to lead the way in taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By using carbon finance, not only is Zappos demonstrating a long term commitment to the sustainability of its business and meeting its reduction goals, but it is also delivering funds to these essential forest conservation projects around the world,” says Mark La Croix, Natural Capital Partners executive vice president.