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Floyd’s New Beanbag Chair Made With Off-Cut Foam, Seaquel Yarns

Sustainability has become a guiding principal for direct-to-consumer furnishings brand Floyd. The company made a commitment to go carbon neutral in 2022 as part of its five-part sustainability goal initiative. And their latest launch figures into that push.

Floyd introduced its Squishy Chair this month, a beanbag chair-like floor seating option made with sustainable materials.

“The Squishy Chair came out of our love for playful floor seating, but we wanted to tackle it in a more sustainable and lasting way that aligned with our design ethos,” said Kyle Hoff, Floyd CEO and co-founder. “Unlike traditional bean bags made with low-cost, environmentally damaging plastic beads that ultimately lose their form over time, we went the route of reclaiming off-cut foam from sofa production and a fabric made from ocean plastics.”

Along with the off-cut foam, Floyd used yarns made in partnership with the Seaqual Initiative, which upcycles marine plastics into useable fibers. The twill weave fabric—which comes in Cloud, Sea, Sun, and Coral colorways—is washable and features a light warp and deeply saturated weft.

The Squishy Chair comes on the heels of Floyd’s introduction of an upcycled sectional, both designed to contribute to the company’s carbon neutrality goal. Floyd also launched a resale and refurbishment program to extend the useful life of its products. The program is part of the company’s sustainability goals, which include ensuring 70 percent of material comes from either recycled or renewable sources, minimizing packing materials and single-use plastics, using 100 percent FSC-certified wood across all products, and measuring, disclosing and reducing greenhouse emissions across its supply chain.

Hoff said the Squishy Chair, which retails for $695, was designed to not only be environmentally friendly, but to also offer a versatile piece that can work in most rooms.

“Like all our products, the Squishy Chair is designed to adapt and evolve with you––it truly can morph into any space––from a minimal LA living room, to a kids’ playroom, to an office,” he said. “Additionally, in a period of time that can feel really heavy, we wanted to have some fun.”