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Scandi Textile Tastemaker Shakes Up Floyd’s Fabric Portfolio

Sustainability has been a key component for direct-to-consumer home goods brand Floyd. The company made a commitment to go carbon neutral in 2022, and they’ve taken care to incorporate sustainable materials such as fabrics made from upcycled marine plastic and repurposed fast fashion apparel.

Now Floyd has partnered with Kvadrat Textiles, maker of sustainable, high-performance home fabrics and collaborator to Prada co-creative director Raf Simons. The collaboration taps two of the Danish firm’s fabrics—Tonus and Sisu—in multiple colorways. The fabrics are made with natural wool, which is harvested sustainably and woven into fabrics designed to last for years.

“We also saw many synergies between Kvadrat and us at Floyd and felt it was a no brainer to partner,” said Kyle Hoff, Floyd co-founder and CEO. “In creating products, we both prioritize infusing sustainability and functionality into products that are not only high-design but also top quality and created to last.”

Designed by Nina Koppel, Tonus is an elastic wool textile available in seven rich colors. Sisu is a classic yet subtle check pattern designed by Nanna Ditzel in the 1960s and woven with thick, voluminous woolen yarns. The design was recently pulled from Kvadrat’s archives by artist Danh Vo and reintroduced—Floyd will be the first to apply the fabric for residential furniture.

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Hoff said the addition of new fabrics allows Floyd to grow its offering without adding additional products.

Floyd Tonus sofa

“While Floyd is known for having a very tight and thoughtfully designed product selection, we wanted to bring some variation to our already successful sectional with fabrics that might reach slightly different audiences and taste,” he said. “You’ll continue to see this in some of our other foundational products ahead in the future.”

Floyd has added several new options to its furnishings line this year, including an upcycled sectional and the Squishy chair. Those introductions, along with the partnership with Kyadrat, contribute to the company’s sustainability goals, which also include a resale and refurbishment program to extend the useful life of its products and ensuring 70 percent of material comes from either recycled or renewable sources. Additional goals include minimizing packing materials and single-use plastics, using 100 percent FSC-certified wood across all products, and measuring, disclosing and reducing greenhouse emissions across its supply chain.