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British Designer Brings ‘Magic and Playfulness’ to Hoek Home

Partnerships between designers and artists have been a huge trend for home goods companies like Pottery Barn, AllModern and West Elm in recent years, and Brooklyn-based direct-to-consumer brand Hoek Home joins them by launching an artist collaboration program.

The program kicks off with a limited-edition collection designed by visual artist Shantell Martin. Martin’s line includes everything from coasters to coffee tables to wall art featuring her famous black-and-white abstract lines. In line with her work’s usual focus on identity, connection, and play, Martin and Hoek wanted to challenge consumers to reflect on how they use space, how they consume, and what materials they choose.

“One thing that attracted us to Shantell’s work is that she is very process-driven and constantly challenging people to see themselves or the space around them in a different way,” said Conor Coghlan, Hoek Home co-founder. “We felt that Shantell could open our design vocabulary in a way that was sympathetic to our brand mission. We also felt that with our expertise in digital fabrication and material understanding, we could offer Shantell a new avenue to explore her work.”

Coghlan said the partnership has allowed Hoek to expand beyond its modular, snap-in-place furnishings into other categories.

“The collaboration has pushed us to investigate both large and small objects from tessellating coasters to a large one-of-a-kind art installation,” he said. “We have tried to marry what makes Hoek special with the magic and playfulness of Shantell’s work.”

The collection, which retails from $95 for a desk mat to $3,500 for a piece of the “Sum of The Parts” table/wall art, which includes 13 pieces created by Martin to stand alone or connect to one large piece. The line officially launched with an interactive exhibit and fireside chat with Martin and the Hoek team on Sept. 21 at the Museum of Art and Design in New York City.