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You Can Now Purchase Ikea Furniture ‘As Is’

As part of its goal to go fully circular by 2030, Ikea is launching a new as-is online service that allows members of its Ikea Family loyalty program to shop and reserve gently used products online and purchase in store.

The program builds on Ikea’s Buy Back & Resell service, allowing customers to shop discontinued and previously used items available in their local store online.

“This Earth Month marks an exciting time for Ikea U.S. as we continue to make sustainable attainable for many people,” said Javier Quiñones, CEO and chief sustainability officer, Ikea U.S. “As-is online joins our other services like Buy Back & Resell and the spare parts program that help our customers live a more sustainable life at home with a variety of ways to prolong the life of their furniture.”

Along with the as-is service, Ikea is expanding its Buy Back & Resell program to additional U.S. stores in Bloomington, Indiana; Jacksonville, Florida; Las Vegas; New Haven, Connecticut; Orlando; Renton, Washington; Sunrise, Florida; and Tampa. The Buy Back & Resell program allows Ikea customers to return gently used furnishings for a store credit with those items being re-sold in the as-is section.

Ikea also has several other initiatives rolling out as part of its Earth Month celebration. The company will match up to $50,000 of customer donations in April to the American Red Cross, and stores will host sustainability workshops and events throughout the month. Ikea also will offer discounts on sustainably produced or energy efficient products, along with a 25 percent discount on as-is items April 22-23.

Though Ikea was once synonymous with the idea of fast furniture designed to only last a few years, the company has made strides to change its image and reduce its environmental impact. The retailer released a sustainability report in February, chronicling how it has cut its climate impact by 12 percent over the last six years, with 5 percent of that decrease coming in fiscal 2022. Ikea also recently joined the CanopyStyle Initiative, committing to only sourcing viscose for its home textiles from forest-friendly producers.