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La-Z-Boy Gets Into the Wellness Market

La-Z-Boy has aims to offer consumers a bit of rejuvenation with their relaxation with a new partnership with fabric coating company Nanobionic. Working with Culp fabrics, which supplies upholstery for La-Z-Boy, Nanobionic will create fabrics that offer wellness and recovery properties.

Nanobionic is a mineral-based coating applied to textiles and leathers to increase performance and wellness. When the finish comes in contact with the body, minerals are activated with body heat and emit infrared rays back to the body. Nanobionic says these rays help promote muscle recovery and promote restful sleep, and the company’s products have been approved by the FDA as a medical device.

La-Z-Boy will use Culp fabric with Nanobionic technology on its new Restore by Nanobionic furniture collection, which includes multiple seating configurations.

“The Restore by Nanobionic fabric line is another great example of our focus on providing consumers with inspiring, new and exciting solutions to allow them to relax and rejuvenate in our furniture,” said Paula Hoyas, vice president, merchandising, La-Z-Boy.

Wellness has become a major buzzword in the home goods industry. A 2022 trend report from the American Society of Interior Designers highlighted wellness as one of the biggest trends influencing home design.

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“Homeowners are increasingly searching for designs and products that will promote good health and an overall sense of wellbeing,” the report said. “Clients are gravitating toward simpler, cleaner, easier-to-maintain designs, as well as outdoor living spaces and places where they can relax and restore from the increased stresses of everyday life.”

Home goods companies have taken notice, incorporating wellness aspects in a variety of products from copper- and CBD-infused mattresses to antimicrobial bedding and upholstery. This is one of the first furniture applications to tout regenerative properties.

“This exclusive partnership is a significant innovation in the home furniture industry, as Culp’s Nanobionic-treated upholstery fabric creates increased energy and wellness benefits for the end users of La-Z-Boy furniture around the world,” said George Psipsikas, CEO, Nanobionic. “Every piece of La-Z-Boy Restore by Nanobionic furniture can now become a charging station for the human body.”