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Avocado Opens New ‘Relax and Learn’ Store

Continuing its push further into brick-and-mortar retail, direct-to-consumer mattress brand Avocado Green Mattress recently opened its latest “experience center” in Palo Alto, Calif.

Avocado’s experience centers—which also have locations in New York City, Los Angeles and Seattle, among other cities—were designed to be more of a lifestyle showroom than a typical mattress store, with mattresses and furniture, as well as sustainable fashion and beauty products from Hass and Reed+Gwen, brands it recently spawned with the same clean, organic ethos. Unlike the traditional mattress retail model, employees at the certified B Corp.‘s new store don’t work on commission, and are more focused on offering information to customers than pushing sales.

“We’ve developed a unique shopping experience that is unlike anything in our industry,” said Brett Thornton, vice president of retail, Avocado Green Brands. “Our new Palo Alto space will carry on the same tradition of our other locations: a pressure free retail space where customers can relax and learn more about Avocado Green Brands.”

The experience center carries an assortment of new product introductions from the company, including pillows from the organic yoga meditation collection, a zero-waste furniture collection made of upcycled wood, organic loungewear, alpaca wool throw covers and an organic latex wedge pillow.

The Palo Alto experience center also features fiber art from local artist Laura Ambrosio, who uses Avocado materials—including wool and cotton—in a 22-foot-long piece of work that reflects the natural abundance in the store.

The experience center follows the opening of Avocado’s first outlet store, which launched in September in Fullerton, Calif. The outlet offers Avocado’s mattresses and furnishings at discounted rates. Products may have been floor models, featured in photo or video shoots, include slight scuffs or blemishes, or simply be canceled items due to the customer ordering the wrong size. The store does not sell anything that has been used.