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Brooklyn Bedding Achieves GOTS Certification

Brooklyn Bedding achieved Global Organic Textile Standard Certification (GOTS) last month.

The certification recognizes the mattress brand’s sustainable efforts ensuring that each component of its organic mattress is constructed using  GOTS-certified materials and ethical labor practices, and is backed by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

Developed in 2006, GOTS set the benchmark for a universal understanding of environmentally friendly production systems and social accountability in the organic textile sector. The certification serves as a worldwide standard to ensure the organic status and socially responsible manufacturing of textiles through the entire supply chain including fiber production, processing, and manufacturing.

To achieve the GOTS certification, the mattress maker passed a series of examinations and expectations including an assessment of its processing and storage system, an inspection of the chemical inputs, and social criteria checks. The inspections also includes a thorough quality assurance check on all GOTS-certified products before they are packaged and delivered to the customer.

“We’re pleased to recognize Brooklyn Bedding has achieved GOTS certification,” said Lori Wyman, GOTS representative for North America. “They are now listed in the GOTS Certified suppliers database for organic textiles on our website  by typing in ‘Mattress’ or ‘Brooklyn Bedding’ in the free text field and selecting United States.

The GOTS certification places Brooklyn Bedding in closer competition with rival Avocado Green Mattress, which is on its way to becoming the world’s first zero-waste certified mattress factory.

Avocado mattresses are handcrafted in California with naturally nontoxic and 100 percent certified organic materials sourced from domestic and international sources, including the brand’s own farms in India and Guatemala.

Avocado was the first Climate Neutral-certified mattress manufacturer, taking responsibility for its carbon emissions. The brand is also GreenGuard Gold certified, Made Safe certified, Climate Neutral certified and Fair Trade certified. More recently, the B Corp opened its first flagship store in New York City.