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Bedding B Corp Malouf Reveals Sustainability Progress

Bedding maker Malouf recently released its 2022 impact report, outlining the company’s sustainability and charitable initiatives.

The report details Logan, Utah-based Malouf’s social and environmental initiatives in 2022, including waste-reducing adaptations to product, sustainable sourcing choices and employee benefits. Among those employee benefits, the company expanded its paid time off program, adding additional days to allow workers to take a break. And Malouf also reported that employees took a total of 1,362 hours of charitable time off to volunteer.

The report also outlines Malouf’s sustainable product practices, including using recycled wood, sustainable Tencel fabrics and natural latex. The company also outlined sustainable practices at its facility, including reducing food waste, updating packaging to recyclable or eco-friendly alternatives and reducing carbon emissions.

“Today’s consumers are looking for brands that are socially responsible, and this is a trend we are seeing across many industries,” said Eric Holmstead, president, Malouf. “Through our initiatives at Malouf, we serve our triple bottom line of people, planet and profits, and provide our retail partners with high-quality products that they and their customers can feel good about.”

Corporate impact reports have become a more common occurrence in the home goods industry, with companies such as Ikea and Williams-Sonoma outlining their environmental and social responsibility goals and achievements.

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In 2019, Malouf was named a Certified B Corp, which required the company to undergo a rigorous certification process through the nonprofit B Labs. As part of its B Corp status, Malouf also is required to publish an annual impact report to remain accountable for its actions and increase awareness about the B Corp movement, which was established to hold companies accountable for their environmental and social impact.

In addition to highlighting the company’s work on sustainability and social issues, the report also outlined how funding for the Malouf Foundation was distributed to benefit survivors of child abuse and trafficking.

“We strive to always support our employees and give back the community,” said Kacie Malouf, co-founder of Malouf and board chair of the Malouf Foundation. “The Malouf Foundation is a core part of who we are, both as a company and a brand.”