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Welspun Gains from Walmart’s Marketplace Expansion

After welcoming sellers from India to its Walmart Marketplace, the retail behemoth has further expanded access for businesses from the country to its platform. The retailer held a Global Seller Summit in Delhi last month where it announced Indian businesses can apply to its Canadian marketplace.

The Walmart Marketplace allows third-party sellers to list their wares on the Walmart website and access tools such as sponsored ads and the Walmart Fulfillment Center, where they can store inventory, ship orders and manage returns.

At the seller summit, Michelle Mi, vice president of emerging markets and business development and international operations at Walmart Marketplace hosted several of the retailer’s Indian partners. Sellers such as Rage Coffee, Mensa Brands and home textiles maker Welspun shared their experiences with the more than 500 attendees.

Welspun was one of the first Indian brands to partner with Walmart, initially as a supplier 20 years ago. As the brand focuses on its direct-to-consumer business, the Walmart Marketplace made sense as a platform for directly reaching shoppers.

“Welspun is a customer-centric company, and we are proud of our strong partnership with Walmart fostered over the last two decades,” said Dipali Goenka, CEO and joint managing director, Welspun India. “This year, we entered Walmart’s U.S. Marketplace with our highly regarded Welhome products designed specifically for American shoppers.”

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Welspun, which collaborated with Dupont Biomaterials last year for a line of sustainable home textiles, is using the Walmart Connect marketing tool to attract customers, as well as the retailer’s fulfillment services.

“As a brand with digitization at its core, we are rapidly growing our e-selling capabilities to meet and exceed Walmart’s standards for excellence and to continue to unlock new opportunities,” Goenka said.

In a post about the marketplace on the Walmart website, Mi said Walmart’s strategy for the platform is to build long-term relationships with great sellers from the U.S. and other key markets such as India.

“We continue to support sellers of all sizes to help them innovate and provide the best value to their customers on through a focus on value, assortment and quality,” she said.