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Heiq Allergen Tech Powers New Trident Group Bedding

Trident Group, in collaboration with HeiQ, is unveiling a new bedding range using a naturally derived technology to reduce inanimate allergens on home textiles.

The new launch by Trident Group, Jiva Hypoallergenic, is powered by HeiQ Allergen Tech, a proprietary 100 percent biobased technology developed by HeiQ that reduces exposure to inanimate allergens such as house dust mite matter and pet allergens with the help of active probiotics.

The bedroom is home to many types of aeroallergens such as pet allergens and house dust mite matter allergens, Heiq noted. Every pillow, mattress and duvet, whether in a private home or in a hospitality environment, contains allergens after six months of use.

The HeiQ Allergen Tech technology utilizes synbiotics—probiotics plus prebiotics—in a natural matrix applied to textiles to reduce inanimate allergens that can become airborne causing allergy symptoms and triggering asthma. The technology is tested and certified by an accredited lab, BMA Labor in Bochum, Germany, and has been granted the Allergy UK Seal of Approval by The British Allergy Foundation.

“HeiQ is happy to associate with Trident Group, a company equally focused on innovation and customer-centric products for global markets,” Mike Mordente, HeiQ head of the Textiles Business Unit, said. “We are proud to work together with the first Indian partner to bring HeiQ Allergen Tech to bed linen, addressing a critical need to reduce allergens in home textiles, and harnessing the power of a naturally derived technology to provide an effective solution to demanding players.”

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Kamal Gaba, managing director for bed linen at Trident Group, said as one of the largest home textiles manufacturers worldwide, Trident Group has been in a leading position on the innovation front and always strives to develop best-in-class products with advanced technologies to serve customers.

“Our latest collaboration with HeiQ marks another momentous milestone in our journey to become a leading home textile innovation company,” Gaba said.

HeiQ Allergen Tech will be showcased at the Heimtextil trade show, that takes place Jan. 10-13 in Frankfurt, Germany.