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Brick-and-Mortar Traffic Decline Slowed in June

The decline in foot traffic that U.S. retail stores have been experiencing over the year actually slowed slightly in June, according to the most recent information from Big Data supplier RetailNext.

In its June 2015 Retail Performance Pulse report, the analytics firm revealed that although store traffic is still falling, it’s been doing so at a slower rate. In the retail month of June, which ended on July 4, store traffic declined by 6.1% compared to the same month last year, down from 7.6% in May, and less than half of April’s steep 12.6% drop.

Warm weather and Father’s Day combined drove a strong performance in the middle weeks of the month, with the strongest performance on June 20, the Saturday before Father’s Day, and the weakest performance on Saturday the Fourth of July.

The biggest percentage decline in traffic occurred in the South and Northeast. The Midwest had the smallest decline in traffic but biggest drop in sales.

Even though fewer consumers are visiting stores, those who do are buying more. In June retailers saw an increase in sales per shopper which, at 3.3% is one of the strongest year-over-year performances so far in 2015, beating April’s and May’s increase of about 2.5% each. Sales per shopper increased in all regions except the Midwest.

The nation experienced the warmest June in over 50 years, with record-breaking rainfall across some regions.