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Connected Consumers: Generation Z By the Numbers

Known as digital natives, Generation Z, the cohort born between 1995 and 2009, is the next challenge for already overtaxed retailers. These tech savvy individuals think about their online and offline lives much differently than previous groups, which means their expectations are different too.

Given the age of this group, it’s a little too soon to know exactly what type of consumers they’ll be. For instance, whether these young consumers’ penchant for experiences over things is a lasting preference or something they’ll grow out of as previous generations have. (Read more about this debate in Lifestyle or Life Stage: Are We Misinterpreting Gen Z?)

One thing that’s unlikely to change though is their attachment to their smartphones. And with two billion of them on the brink of becoming consumers, this should be incentive for any retailer lagging in their mobile or browser performance to sharpen their e-commerce skills.

See the infographic below for a quick tutorial on what makes Gen Z tick.