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Currency Brief: Dollar Rises 9.3% in 2015, Euro Falls 11.5%

The rising dollar was tempered a bit in December compared to recent months, with the U.S. dollar index closing down by 1.5% for the month. For 2015, the index rose by 9.3%.

Key apparel currencies fluctuated, however, with the euro strengthening the most against the U.S. currency in the month and the UK pound and China yuan weakening.

The euro fell by 2.8% against the U.S. dollar, closing the month 11.5% below year-ago levels.


The U.K. pound sterling fell by 1.3% against the dollar in the month, ending 5.4% lower for 2015.

The Chinese yuan dipped by 1.5% in December, bringing its full year decline to 6.1%.


The Indian rupee edged up by 0.7% in the month and finished the year 4.7% lower relative to the dollar.

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The Indonesian rupiah remained essentially flat in December, but despite efforts by the central bank to shore up the currency, remains 11.3% lower for 2015.


The Pakistani rupee gained 0.6%, bringing its full-year decline to 4.4%. 


The Bangladeshi taka was flat in December, continuing the relatively stable trend of the past few months, with a full-year decline of less than 1 percent.


The Vietnamese dong edged down by 0.6% relative to the dollar in December, bringing its full-year drop in value to 5.4%.


The Japanese yen gained 1.9% in December, reducing its full-year slide to 0.1%.