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2019 Transparency Report

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Do you know what’s in the food you eat? Chances are you have a much better idea about the origins of the items in your grocery bag than those in your closet.

As it turns out, 85 percent of the apparel industry is in agreement that transparency will be a key factor in the industry’s success, but the pace of change doesn’t reflect this belief. Sourcing Journal’s 2019 Transparency Report investigates both the internal and external forces affecting transparency initiatives in the supply chain to answer the questions:

Who will foot the bill?
What will prompt the change?
When will full transparency be realized?
Where does responsibility lie?
How to gain momentum?
Why even bother?

Based on SJ’s industry-wide survey on the topic, it was revealed that costs, culture and a lack of consensus on who’s ultimately responsible are among the challenges the industry faces. Though another “c,” the consumer, was shown to be the reason change is inevitable.

Download the report to learn the other catalysts on the road to transparency, and find out what the industry is doing to:

  • Embrace collaboration
  • Commit to long-term goals
  • Educate partners and consumers
  • Align with NGOs and governmental agencies
  • Invest in next-gen technology
  • Convince the C-Suite of the value

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