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Out of the Blue Rivet Report

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Despite its status as a timeless fabric and product, the denim industry has been upended in 2020, with a global pandemic, economic struggles and a call-to-attention to civil rights all making a severe impact on the apparel industry at large. Raw materials providers, fabric mills, designers and retailers are all now expected to respond immediately to shifting consumer appetites, which can often bring immense pressure to sell at lower prices, higher quantities and at faster speeds.

But even with such uncertainty lying ahead, the global jeanswear industry is empowered by a firm belief that the blue jean remains the central fashion item that stays classic, durable and personal, particularly as sustainability and circularity continue to seep further into the public consciousness. In fact, due to the investments made to improve the quality of denim across the industry, jeans inherently have the blueprint for the post-pandemic fashion industry.

In Out of the Blue, a state-of-the-industry report sponsored by Informa and produced to time with its digital Project show, Rivet presents a comprehensive outlook on the denim industry’s challenges and opportunities in the face of the constant headwinds endured in 2020.

The report reveals how the events that have transpired throughout the year serve as a wake-up call for positive change throughout the industry, and features insight from leaders across the denim supply chain on how they are recalibrating their outlook going forward.

Download the report to discover:

  • Actions taken by top denim players to overcome eco hurdles and establish new sustainability standards
  • How the industry is continuing its circularity push with new processes and systems in place
  • Denim executives’ plans to pivot their businesses to a post-pandemic world, with insights from Boyish Jeans, Cone Denim and Mavi among others
  • 20 examples of the “new normal” the denim industry now faces
  • What clothing consumption could look like by the end of the 2020s

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