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2022 Material Innovations Report

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As consumer demand for more climate-friendly products grows, the industry is pivoting toward more sustainable, circular production to keep pace. And earth-friendly material innovation is going to get us there.

The majority of the advancement revolves around biobased materials as the industry looks to move away from petrochemicals and utilize more fibers derived from plants and agricultural waste. “As consumers become more educated on the origins of their clothing—for example, nylon’s roots in fossil fuels—they’re demanding transparency, traceability and responsible sourcing in fashion,” said Lisa Kennedy, senior director business development at Geno.

As climate change heats up, literally, many companies are also exploring how to keep materials cool and fresh. In fact, some of the biggest breakthroughs in material innovation continue to come from bio-based antimicrobial, cooling and far-infrared technologies.

Another innovation focus? Performance and weather protection, in what innovators like Voormi called “the next horizon in the future of core construction technology.”

Sourcing Journal’s 2022 Material Innovations Report seeks to educate readers on the rapidly changing textiles landscape, how brand collaborations—like Pangaia and H&M linking with Infinited Fiber—have increased innovation, and how brands are spearheading their sustainable initiatives.

Download the report to discover:

  • How replacing fossil fuel-based synthetics with fibers derived from plants and agricultural waste could help brands hit their climate targets
  • How 3M’s water-repellent greige yarn is targeting activewear
  • Why man-made cellulosic fibers (MMCFs) are seeing increasingly widespread adoption across the apparel and textile industries
  • Which ​​solutions company aims to create sustainable building blocks for customers to make innovative bio-based products accessible globally
  • A deeper dive into how low-impact sugarcane polymers have caught fashion’s attention
  • What new biopolishing technique aims to extend the life of sustainable manmade textiles

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