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2022 Sourcing Report

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The past 12 months have been nothing short of a roller coaster for everyone involved in the global supply chain, and the challenges haven’t lightened up.

For one, freight and input costs have continued to skyrocket and uncertainty has become the norm, making it increasingly difficult to follow budgets and business planning operations. And as temporary factory closures and ongoing port congestion contributed to product delivery delays throughout 2021, major retailers paid exorbitant prices to charter their own vessels or switch to air freighting.

Brands even had to pass along higher prices to customers during the holiday, which luckily coincided with heavy consumer demand and resulted in a strong season.

But in the long run, shouldering these added costs—or passing them on—is an unsustainable solution.

With supply chain executives seeking answers to questions like: “When will bottlenecks ease?” and “When will costs stabilize?” the 2022 Sourcing Report aims to provide insight that can help them make educated decisions on the best path forward, even as the uncertainty rages on.

Download Sourcing Journal’s 2022 Sourcing Report to discover:

  • The cost pressures resulting from the current supply chain disruptions
  • The outlook for global trade and tariff policies under the Biden Administration, both in China and across the rest of the world
  • How governments and industry leaders from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are collaborating to grow their textile businesses
  • Why brands are turning to “Made in the U.S.” and nearshoring as alternative sourcing measures
  • The state of shipping and raw material prices, both which rose precipitously in 2021
  • Factory floor insights from global manufacturers 4A Yarn Dyeing, The Forum Groupe and Champsland Inc.

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