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Denim Sustainability Report 2020

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Investments across the denim supply chain are awakening a new wave of innovation that aims to eliminate waste, chemicals and denim’s reliance on water, and in the process, help hold companies accountable for their sustainability claims. But how are companies embracing alternative strategies?

New Wave, a new report from Rivet, sponsored by Lectra, Tradewind Finance, Artistic Milliners and Siddiqsons, highlights the efforts taken by major denim players to deliver sustainable solutions for partners across the supply chain and ultimately improve the health of the planet.

On the business side, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed areas in which companies could shorten and optimize their supply chains, and highlighted the benefits of local, slow production. And on the consumer side, it demonstrated the true value of purchasing fewer, but better quality items.

As a result, many in the industry are using this time to reexamine their processes, set new sustainability goals and prepare for a post-pandemic consumer who will shape the future of fashion.

Download the report to learn:

  • The steps that leading denim execs are taking to make sustainability an imperative across the organization
  • How denim manufacturers are leveraging fabrics such as graphene to deliver more sustainable denim products
  • Why transparency in the denim industry begins with traceable fibers
  • How the environmental and cost benefits of indigo alternatives are washing over the jeans industry
  • The importance of marketing and event strategies in mitigating waste across the denim supply chain

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