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2019 Personalization Report

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Personalization as a business model is taking over almost every facet of everyday life. There is no such thing as a simple cup of coffee anymore. Today imbibers not only request a size, they dictate the cream (or cream alternative) of their choice, the provenance of the beans and the temperature to the degree. The same phenomenon has taken over the airwaves. Listeners are no longer content with the radio. Now everyone’s a DJ, streaming their favorite songs on a constant loop.

In a world in which consumers have grown used to curating their experiences, it’s inevitable that the trend will impact apparel, but thus far it’s unclear how and to what extent.

The 2019 Personalization Survey report provides insight into the degree to which apparel is ready to answer the demand for customized apparel and what it will take to achieve widespread implementation. Produced on behalf of technology firm Lectra, the report highlights:

  • The industry’s perception of what shoppers want
  • The challenges apparel faces defining new business models to satisfy the on-demand culture
  • The ways in which the industry is grappling with issues around cost, speed and supply chain complexity
  • The opportunities that exist for the companies that are able to evolve

Get the report to learn:

  • The pace of progress from supply chains to demand chains
  • What’s motivating companies to invest in personalization
  • How a personalization model could augment traditional workflows
  • Where the biggest investments will need to be made

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